Monday, January 20, 2014

5237 Lbs Baled scrap #1 copper Insulated wire auction

This is for one bale 80%+ power cable copper insulated wire. There are a total of 2 truck loads for sale.5237 Lbs Baled scrap #1 copper Insulated wire 80%+ Recovery power Cable

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scrap Update - Korean Scrap Prices Decline and Other News

January 14 2014

Scrap Metal News

It’s reported that Korean Hyundai Steel’s purchasing prices of the Japanese H2 scraps settled at ¥36,500/ton FOB last week, decreasing by ¥300/ton from the previous purchasing prices according to YIEH. Hyundai Steel is targeting to purchase Japanese H2 scraps at ¥36,000/ton for this week. Korean scrap prices are declining continuously, as mills are cutting their purchasing by ¥10,000/ton.

Ferrous Pricing

#1 Busheling $350.00 gt
 #1 Baling $305.00 gt
Plate and Struct 2'x 5' $325.00 gt
Heavy Melt 2'x 5' $290.00 gt
Heavy Melt scrap (unprep) $270.00 gt
automobiles (must have title) $210.00 gt
Sheet Iron $250.00 gt
#1 Shredder Frag $355.00 gt
Engine Block (clean) $320.00 gt
Punchings $340.00 gt
Turnings $200.00 gt
Random length rail (W/docs) $335.00 gt
courtesy of Iron Mike Enterprises

Non Ferrous Pricing

General Pricing for recycling of scrap non ferrous metals is as follows:

#1 Copper   $2.81 
Light Copper   $1.76 
Heater Core   $0.81 
Unprepared Stainless   $0.31 
Hard Brass   $1.91 
Brass Shells   $0.61 
Die Cast   $0.09 
Yellow Brass   $1.79
 #2 Copper   $2.60

Nickel based scrap metal prices (general) are as follows