Monday, December 24, 2012

Minneapolis USA Scrap Metal Prices Show #1 Copper at 3.05

December 24 2012 - Metro Metals Recycling - posted scrap prices in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas as follows

Bare Bright$3.15
#1 Copper$3.05
#2 Copper$2.95
#1 Ins Wire 75%$1.86
#1 Ins Romex 65%$1.52
#2 Ins Wire 50%$1.12
Drop Cord$0.62

Aluminum Cans$0.65
Old Cast$0.54
Old Sheet$0.53
Painted Siding$0.60
Alum Copper Rads$1.47
Irony Alum Copper Rads$1.22
prices are subject to change and you should contact them direct for current pricing.